Digital Camera Sales

Dartmoor Photographic stock digital cameras from the latest main ranges and can order, very competitively priced models for quick delivery. Cameras start from £59.99.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will obtain ourbest price quotefor you!

Here is a summary of the main camera types.

Ultra compact digital cameras

Ultra compact digital cameras are capable of taking quality images. They are very small, lightweight, easy to use and can be carried in a shirt pocket. Ultra-compacts may have fewer features than compact cameras. Buttons and dials are small though usually work well.Prices vary, depending on features.



Compact digital cameras

Compact digital cameraConsumer-level digital cameras are compact and lightweight. They are great for those who only want to point-and-shoot. They are fully automatic; some have semi-automatic and manual controls. All but the cheapest models provide very good image quality.Some compacts with larger sensors do better in low light.Low to moderately priced, depending on features.


Advanced digital cameras

Advanced digital cameras"Prosumer"digital cameras are geared to advanced amateurs with skill levels between a professional and consumer. They sport high quality lenses and advanced features for creative control. Some have a zoom range from wide to super telephoto. Most advanced digital cameras accept accessories and add-ons including converter lenses, filters, remote controls and external flashes.Moderate to high priced.


Digital single lens reflex cameras

Digital single lens reflex camerasDSLR cameras, used by professionals and photo enthusiasts, are top-of-the-line. They have outstanding optics, produce high resolution images in all types of light, and accept interchangeable lenses and sophisticated accessories. DSLRs function automatically but also have a full range of manual controls. You can buy only a DSLR body, and purchase lenses separately. The price of professional-level lenses can be jaw-dropping. DSLR models include entry level, mid-level (semi-pro) and pro.Moderately high priced to extremely expensive.


Micro Four Thirds cameras

Olympus penMicro Four Thirds cameras are digital single lens reflex-like. Unlike SLRs and DSLRs, they have no reflex mirrors and optical viewfinders. They have larger sensors than compact cameras and take interchangeable lenses. Some have no built-in flash or viewfinder, though they may be available as an accessory. Micro Four Thirds cameras are smaller and thinner than DSLRs. Moderate to high priced.


Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras

Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, like Micro Four Thirds, have no reflex mirrors or built-in optical viewfinders. However, they have sensors the same size as DSLRs, 50% larger than Micro Four Thirds sensor. As a result, image quality and low light performance is on par with a DSLR, all in a much smaller package. Lenses made for mirrorless cameras are small and lightweight too, though you can use other lenses with an adapter.Moderate to high priced.


Interchangeable lens unit camera system

Ricoh GRXThe interchangeable lens unit camera, introduced in 2009 by Ricoh, consists of a body and separate camera units. Each camera unit contains a different lens, its own image sensor and an image processing engine. Lens units slide directly into the camera body. Each lens unit has a different focal length and may have a different sensor than found in another unit.Expensive.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will obtain our best price quote for you!


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