35mm Developing and Printing

Dartmoor Photographic use the latest digital printing technology to bring the quality expected from your films. We use only premium quality heavy weight photographic paper. Our process is regularly monitored in house for quality control purposes.

Every 35mm colour film print is individually checked for exposure, colour balance, hairs, dust and scratches using Digital ICE Technology. Massive print range available from 6″x4″ to 44″ wide, unlimited height

For 5″x7″ developing, add £3.50 to the first set price and £4.00 to the extra set price. For 8″x6″ developing, add £5.50 to the first set and £6.00 to the extra set price. Service times for developing 35mm films vary (C41 films only).

35mm First Set Extra Sets
1 – 27 £8.99 £4.00
28 – 40 £9.99 £5.00
(All inclusive of VAT)
Please note, Reprint of full sets must be from developed films, uncut or strips of 3 or more. Reprints of individual negatives are charged at print to print prices. Reprints of full sets are ready in 24hours. Service times may vary during busy periods.

Reprint (Full Set) Size Price (each)
24/27exp 35mm 4×6 £8.00
24/27exp 35mm 5×7 £12.00
24/27exp 35mm CD ONLY £8.00
36/39exp 35mm 4×6 £9.00
36/39exp 35mm 5×7 £13.00
36/39exp 35mm CD ONLY £9.00
(All inclusive of VAT)