35mm Developing and Printing

Dartmoor Photographic takes in all varieties of colour process (c41) 35mm film and APS film for developing. We use the latest digital printing technology to provide you the superior quality you expect from your films. We use only premium quality heavy weight photographic paper. Our process is regularly monitored in house for quality control purposes.

When you have your Films developed with us you will also get a Digital copy of your prints on a CD as well as your prints. This means you can use your 35mm photographs for gifts, canvases and much much more! To learn more Click Here!

Every 35mm colour film print is individually checked for exposure, colour balance, hairs, dust and scratches using Digital ICE Technology to give you the highest image quality we can provide. A massive print range is available from 6″ x 4″ to 44″ wide by an unlimited height, this gives you a wide range of possibilities for your printing needs.

Photo Of 35mm Film and Prints


For 5″x7″ developing, add £3.50 to the first set price and £4.00 to the extra set price. For 8″x6″ developing, add £5.50 to the first set and £6.00 to the extra set price. Service times for developing 35mm films vary (C41 films only).

35mm First Set Extra Sets
1 – 27 £8.99 £4.00
28 – 40 £9.99 £5.00
(All inclusive of VAT)