Memory Card Recovery

If you have accidentally lost everything on your memory card, or even a few files, just post, or bring in the memory card, and we will do our best to recover your lost files for you.

We have a range of programs that can analyse your memory card and recover lost, deleted or missing files.

The service costs £14.99 for us to try and recover your files, this includes the first DVD, if your images take up more space than one DVD, the following DVD’s are charged at £4.99 each.

Camera Card Top Tips
  1. Don’t Keep attempting to read the pictures on a damaged or corrupted memory stick. Attempting to view the pictures on your memory stick applies power to the card. Depending on the original cause of the problem this may further damage your pictures, making it impossible to recover them.
  2. Don’t format the memory stick in the hopes it will bring your pictures back …it won’t. Formatting the card may permanently remove your photographs making recovery impossible.
  3. Don’t take more pictures using the memory stick. New pictures will overwrite the old pictures making them unrecoverable. Data recovery can be a complicated process or a simple process. The more things you try before sending us your card, the less likely we will be able to recover your pictures.
  4. Each thing you do from the moment your pictures become inaccessible adds more variables to the recovery process and decreases the odds that your pictures will be recoverable.
  5. Turn off your camera – wait for the access light to stop blinking and then remove the memory stick or other flash media card from your camera and store it in a static free plastic case. If the memory stick is in a card reader, wait for the access light to stop blinking and then remove it and store it.
We can try and recover photos from these types of Memory Devices:
  • SD Cards  (Secure Digital)
  • SDHC Cards (SD High Capacity)
  • SDXC Cards (SD Extended Capacity)
  • Micro SD/SDHC Cards
  • Mini SD Cards
  • XD Cards
  • CF Cards (Compact Flash)
  • Memory Stick Pro
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • M2 (Memory Stick Micro)
  • Most USB Sticks
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