Video Transfers

Video tapes use magnetic media to store the image, and this, by its very nature, is not a good long term storage solution. We can transfer your tapes to DVD for much more secure long term storage.

This service is charged at £8.00 per hour of footage.
There is a minimum order of £16.00

The main formats of tape we handle are:

VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 and 8mm
Digital 8, Micro MV and MiniDV
We are able to transfer many other less common formats
We can transfer your old movies to DVD, and then we can copy the DVD to make it easier for you to share all those great old memories with family and friends. Please contact us for a quote. The process takes one week.

Cine-Film Transfers

Prior to the introduction of camcorders, cine film was used to record moving images. There are 4 domestic formats – 9.5mm, 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm.

Here at Dartmoor Photographic we can transfer your cine film directly to playback DVD for viewing or to editable formats for you to edit on your computer.

Please contact us for a quote. The process takes between 7 to 14 days.

From standard 8mm, super 8mm, 9.5mm & 16mm – with or without sound

Standard: each film is assessed, repaired, and transfered to dvd

Premium: each film is assessed, cleaned, repaired, colour corrected and edited as necessary. Transfered to dvd or blu-ray, menu pages are created specifically for your production.

Digital: cine transfered to computer file formats for editing, storage and streaming. Mp4 format. Cost includes usb stick or usb drive. note: cost of memory stick or hard drive not included.

Reel Size Standard Premium Digital
50ft Reel £7.50 £12.00 £8.00
100ft Reel £13.50 £18.00 £15.00
150ft Reel £17.00 £24.00 £21.00
200ft Reel £23.50 £30.00 £26.00
250ft Reel £26.00 £36.00 £31.00
300ft Reel £30.00 £42.00 £36.00
350ft Reel £34.00 £48.00 £41.00
400ft Reel £38.00 £54.00 £46.00
Minimum Charge (Per Order) £24.00 £50.00 £50.00