Bring your old slides into modern day use by having them scanned onto a CD, DVD or USB pen drive.

In the 50s, 60s and 70s colour slides or transparencies were very popular and many people still remember brands such as Ektachrome, Agfachrome, Kodachrome Perutz, GAF, Fujichrome, Pacific, Ansco and more. Some of these names are still around, but many are now just a memory.

By having them scanned to disc, you can get prints from them, email them, print them at home, or have a DVD Slideshow made of all the images. Most importantly, you can stop the ageing process, and preserve the slides onto standard or archival CDs or DVDs.

Also, by having your slides scanned to disc you can copy the disc (or we can) and share the photos. It makes it far easier to help put together family details and history. If you supply slides in the slide trays or carousels, we will scan them in that order for you. If they are in boxes, just number them, and we will follow your instructions. Slides are blown with compressed air to remove dust and then checked and corrected (where possible) for colour and density before we scan them. We do not ‘bulk scan’ your slides, we actually look at them before scanning and after scanning.

We can rescue those treasured memories. Just bring us the shoeboxes full of photos or slide trays full of slides and we will scan the photos for you. Scanning can take a lot of time and effort when you do it yourself, or it is really expensive if you have it done custom. Our “Shoebox Special” is just the thing you need to get a lot of prints, slides or negatives scanned for not a lot of money.

At Dartmoor Photographic, we use new high speed scanners to affordably bulk scan your photos so you can archive them, share them, or just keep digital copies of them. Bring in your old boxes, bags or shoeboxes full of photos, and let us get the job done for you. We can bulk scan photos from wallet size (approx 2″x3″) up to A4, but there are some conditions for the bulk scanning service. All photos must be clean, unmounted and with no glue, Blutac or tape on them. Torn or damaged photos will be removed and hand scanned, as will Polaroid SX70 type and Kodak Instant photos.

When we come across badly damaged photos in the box, we can arrange for restoration with our restoration service, but unless you request this we will only be able to reproduce the photo on to CD/DVD in its current state.