Video Transfers

Have you come across a drawer or box full of old Camcorder tapes, VHS or Cine-film reels? We can transfer them to DVD or a digital format so that they can be enjoyed and shared by you and your family and friends. DVDs are formatted to work in UK DVD players, Digital Transfers are formatted in MP4 format on a USB stick or portable hard drive (dictated by the capacity needed).

VHS / Camcorder Tapes

VHS / SVHS / VHS-C / CVHS / C-SVHS / 8mm / HI-8mm / DV / MINI-DV

VHS and Camcorder Tapes are charged per hour of footage, and have a minimum order value. This means that if you have a tape with two hours of footage on it, you are charged for two hours of footage, but also if you had 12 tapes with 10 minutes of footage each on them, you would be charged for two hours of footage. Transfers are paid for on collection as we cannot determine the length of the transfer until the transfer is complete. By default we only transfer home footage (i.e. we will stop the transfer when the tape cuts to a movie, TV program or sports broadcast), if there is anything that is not home footage and you would like to have transferred please let us know.

Transfer Type: Tape - DVD Tape - Digital (USB)
Price per hour £9.00 £12.00
Minimum order value £18.00 £24.00 + cost of USB stick*

*We always provide the USB stick ourselves, as if anything were to go awry with your order we are able to correct and ensure that everything is transferred properly.

Foreign Conversions

We can transfer video tapes from different regions to UK DVD. We charge £30.00 for the first hour, and £8.00 per hour of footage thereafter.

Additional charges

Separate Discs: If you would prefer to have your tapes transferred to separate DVDs, each tape with less than an hour of footage will be charged as if it had a full hour of footage.

Mould: Tapes can quite often grow mould on the surface of the tape, this is usually due to being stored in either a damp place or where air flow is limited. We can still transfer from tapes that have mould on them, but we do have to clean our equipment and take extra care as the tape becomes more fragile when mouldy. We charge an additional £5.00 for light mould (a few light specks) or £10.00 for heavy mould (large patches) per tape.

Repairs: Tape can become brittle over time and can snap during the transferring process. If your tape does break during transfer, we can repair the tape (so as to continue with the transfer). We charge £10.00 for each tape that requires repair and will repair the tape 2-3 times. If you would prefer not incur this charge, you can opt-out but if a break does happen we would be unable to continue with the transfer of the rest of the tape.


Standard 8mm /  Super 8mm / 9.5mm & 16mm - with or without sound

We have 3 levels of service for Cine-Film Transfers:

Standard: Each film is assessed; repaired and transferred to DVD.

HD: Each film is assessed; repaired; cleaned; scanned at high definition and transferred to USB or DVD.

Premium: Each film is assessed; repaired; cleaned; scanned at high definition; edited to remove blank and/or poor sections of footage; colour, brightness and contrast are adjusted and filters are applied to reduce the appearance of dust, scratches and speckles; and transferred to USB or DVD.

Transfers from Cine-Film are charged by the length of each reel, depending on which level of service you choose, there is a minimum order value, so it is often best to have several reels transferred at once:

Reel Size Standard HD Premium
50 ft. Reel £7.50 £10.00 £14.00
100 ft. Reel £14.00 £17.00 £21.00
150 ft. Reel £20.00 £24.00 £27.00
200 ft. Reel £25.00 £29.00 £33.00
250 ft. Reel £29.00 £35.00 £40.00
300 ft. Reel £33.00 £40.00 £47.00
350 ft. Reel £38.00 £45.00 £53.00
400 ft. Reel £42.00 £51.00 £60.00
Minimum Charge (Per Order) £24.00 £40.00 £40.00

Digital - DVD

We can transfer from Memory Cards, USB and other digital storage onto UK DVD. We charge £25.00 for the first hour of footage and then £15.00 per hour of footage thereafter.

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