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Camp Snap Digital Camera
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Camp Snap Digital Camera



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Pre-Order- Camp Snap are due in the shop from 22/05/2024

Easy To Use! No settings, simply point and shoot Screen-Free Design! Without a screen, you won't be distracted by reviewing photos and instead focus on enjoying the moment. Included with every Camp Snap is a variety of "film" styles that you can download into your camera. Shown from left to right is Standard, Vintage, Black & White

Photo Quality: Vintage Film Style quality vibrant colour digital or printable photos.

Simple to use: With just a shutter button and flash selector switch, anyone can capture memorable moments with ease. No complicated settings or menus to navigate, just point and shoot.

Rechargeable: Equipped with a LED flash because they are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and provide consistent lighting for better image quality.

Vintage Style: Bringing back the aesthetically pleasing vintage camera design. Thin enough to easily carry in your pocket for on the go.

Drop Proof: The Camp Snap camera is a durable, eco-friendly option that can withstand rugged terrain thanks to its hard plastic construction with no internal moving parts.

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