Medium Blower Brush


Medium Blower Brush
  • Medium Blower Brush

Medium Blower Brush


Product Details

Medium Size Blower Brush

Medium sized bulb blower for increased strength efficiency compared to smaller blowers.

Removable brush for use separately, whilst the bulb can also be used as a Hurricane blower

Brush Bristles are protected by a retractable cap whilst not in use

A Blower brush is an great device for for cleaning any of your camera gear, and should be in every photographers camera bag. The blower can be used to remove dust while the brush deals with more stubborn dirt.

Ideal for use on Lenses and filters before wiping with a cloth.

The blower bulb is made from high quality silicone so does not suffer from degrading rubber unlike many cheaper blowers

50mm bulb diameter approx
Length 12cm approx with cap closed

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