VSGO Micro 4/3 Sensor Cleaning Kit


VSGO Micro 4/3 Sensor Cleaning Kit
  • VSGO Micro 4/3 Sensor Cleaning Kit

VSGO Micro 4/3 Sensor Cleaning Kit


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Product Details

The cleaning swabs and cleaner are applicable to the cleaning of CCD/CMOS sensors of Micro four thirds cameras. They can also be used to clean lenses, filters, edge crevices of other optical lenses and surface crevices of cameras.

The cleaning end of the swab is made of microfibre, which is pliable and flexible, and can clean the sensor safely. Ergonomically designed, it is easy to use. Produced in class100 clean room, the vacuum sealed cleaning swab is protected from dust contamination in transportation and storage to meet the cleaning requirements of digital imaging devices.

The eco-friendly sensor cleaning fluid has a mild formula that is alcohol free. Specifically designed for camera sensor cleaning it can safely and effectively remove the stubborn stains on the sensor.


  • Quantity: Sensor cleaning swabs including 12pcs of sensor cleaning swabs.
  • Sensor cleaning swab size: 4/3, sensor cleaning swab perfectly fitting the ILDC sensor.
  • Special softness design: Sensor cleaning swab matching the ergonomic, is comfortable to use.
  • Detergency: Sensor cleaning swab capable of snug-fitting and cleaning the sensor.
  • High quality: sensor cleaning swab with the free-alcohol cleaner can protect your optical coating.

6x Micro Four Thirds swabs

1x 10ml Sensor cleaning fluid

1x lens cloth

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